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Hey everyone...My name is Dave and yep, you guessed it I am the online schools Guru. How did I become the "Guru"?

Well let me tell you.

Does the following sounds familiar. I have a job that requires roughly 10-12 hours a day working Monday thru Friday and I frequenlty have to work the weekends. I have a wife with three kids and my time is limited because of having to help her with the kids and their activities (the wife also works). I was always tired and just couldn't find the time to continue my education or go to traffic school when I was caught speeding trying to get to work on time (I wish I was kidding about the speeding thing). Everything was always scheduled when I either needed to be at work or at one of my kids activities. So I thought online schools would be great for me. So I went and did some search on the internet and WOW there is a lot out there. Some good and some bad. I must have went to every site and requested so much info that all of the counselors probably know my name, email and home address by heart, but I needed all the information I could, I didn't have a lot of time to spare

About 80% of my education has been online. It has been well worth the time and money, well some of it has and some of it hasn't.

So whether my story sounds like yours or not the point is our time is limited and our money is hard earned so we need schools that will give us what we need. So that is why I have started this site.



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