Arizona Online Traffic Schools

Arizona online traffic Schools: There are basically three options you have when you receive a speeding ticket in the State of Arizona: 1)Go to traffic school, 2)Deny responsibility and request a hearing, 3)Admit responsibility and pay the fine.

Of course we are going to focus on the first option.

The Advantages of attending an Arizona (Online) Traffic School

  • IF you are eligible you do not have to go to court, all you have to do is take the course before you’re scheduled to appear in court.
  • Your citation will be dismissed upon completion of the approved program
  • Points will not be put on your driving record

What are the eligibly requirements for attending an Arizona traffic school

  • If you received a ticket that did not involve or result in a serious injury or death.
  • If you have not attended a driving class in the last two years for a violation that was issue in the last 12 months.
  • To make it easy on you there will be an “asterisk (*)” on the envelope of the ticket, this means your are eligible to attend a traffic school.

Remember: Don’t ignore the ticket because in Arizona they will suspend you license, make you pay fees, add points to your record, make it mandatory that you attend a driving class and even issue out a warrant .

Another important thing to add here is that if you received more than once citation, you can only go to school for one of them (NOT BOTH). Also once you have elected to fight the ticket in court you loose the option to go to traffic school.

There are over 100 approved Arizona online traffic schools so instead of listing them I am just going to provide you with a link to the listof approved schools

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