Bartending Tips

Bartending tips: How to be a good bartender

  1. Being a good bartender can almost completely rely on your personality. You also need to be able to multi task your entire shift. Making drinks is not a bartender's only job. You need to be able to listen to your customers, when they are talking to you while you are helping them and while you are working. A good bartender needs to have a good memory and learn how to make as many drinks as possible. Since most of a bartends income is tips, getting to know your customers, is essential for earning great bartending tips.

  2. As a bartender, you are everyone's friend, confidant, counselor, and psychiatrist. Being a good listener is required from all bartenders, you need to be able to listen and still help other customers. You have to make sure you area is clean and stocked while keeping eye contact as much as possible with the storyteller. Listening to jokes is an everyday thing as a bartender however, a good bartender will always laugh at the end of a joke( if it was funny or not) and can also tell a joke that people will laugh at, know a few different jokes so people do not catch you telling the same one each time. Make sure your jokes are appropriate for everyone to hear.

  3. A good bartender needs to keep their area behind the bar organized. Put everything back where you got it from as you us it. The faster you can grab all of the ingredients for the requested drink the faster you can take the next order. Especially if you share your workspace with another bartender, you want to work together as you both re working for tips. Also your job will be to keep your area stocked if you keep is clean and organized it will be easy to know that you are almost out of a drink or that it is time to cut up lemons and limes.

  4. You need to be good with money so you can add drinks up quickly in your head and make change quickly. If you have a single person ordering one drink, you can either start a tab (if allowed at your bar) or collect the money right away. Even if they are the only one in the bar at that time, you may become very busy at any time and you do not want to lose track of who has paid and who has not. If you are starting a tab right their name down and what they are drinking, having 3x5 cards or a clipboard handy next to the cash register will help you with keeping track of tabs.

  5. Be a good host or hostess, you can offer suggestions if they are not sure what they want. Try to remember what the regulars drink. If a regular drinks, a martini every time they come in knowing that will help you with your relationship with the customers and your tips. You do not want to assume that is what they are going to drink this time; they might be having a different kind of day. Simply ask as they sit down if they are going with their famous martini today. If you happen to assume that is what they are going to drink and somehow they want to try something different you do not want to have to pay for something or waist the merchandise.

  6. Being a good bartender is also being a good employee and co-worker. If you have food or snacks for sale always ask your customer if they would like to order anything to eat. Have fresh coffee ready at all times, some drinks use coffee and some customers like a cup of coffee before or after they drink. Know the local taxi numbers or having their business cards on hand will help you take care of your customers when they are ready to go home. Keeping the top of the bar cleaned, bussed and wiped down, will keep the area inviting for new customers to sit down, and, for you to know who is ready for another drink (this is an important bartending tip.

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