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Affordable Home Study- 1-800-984-7233


Take the course with you wherever you go!

U-Choose Traffic School- 1-800-975-9115


Choose online or home self-study.

Quick and Easy Traffic School- 1-866-403-2778


Your success is a number one priority.

Traffic School 4 Less 1-888-257-5377

Price-$17.95 and up

Low price guarantee, they will beat competitor price by 10%

I Drive Safely- 1-800-723-1955

Price- $24.95 depending

Teen drivers education, Texas adult driver education and much more!

Comedy School Online 1-800-843-6580

Price-$18.99 (varies by county)

Laugh your way to a clear driving record.

Traffic 101- 1-800-373-7313


Sign up, complete course online and receive completion certificate!

Fun 4 U, Fast 2 1-800-310-9060

Price-$19.95 varied by county

Hilarious traffic course at the best price.

Drivers Ed Dot Com 1-888-651-2886


Interactive course featuring 3D animated demos of various maneuvers.

Instant Traffic School 1-800-600-0010

Price-Varied based on County *$25.95

Instant Traffic School has 30 years experience in this field.

California Jammin Traffic School 1-800-294-8188

Price-$18.95 online course

Online course or at home study booklet available

Go to Traffic School 1-888-329-7069

Price-varies depending on state and county

Most popular online traffic school.

Half Day Express Traffic School 1-866-403-4385

Price-$21.95 depending on court

Quick traffic school get your certificate in hours!

Citation Station 1-800-278-3718

Price-as low as $14.95

Low cost and no hidden fees.

Certified Defense Driving 1-800-834-7592


Fun online traffic school with 25 years experience!

Home Traffic School 1-888-559-8378


Same day courier and 24/7 customer support.

Anytime Traffic School 1-888-442-8866


Anytime Traffic School provides courses for four states.

Traffic School Official Site 1-800-691-5014

Price-$19.95 and up

Drivers education and ticket dismissal both available.

Simple Fast Fun 1-800-310-9172

Price-$19.99 depending

Work at your own pace with this simple yet fun online traffic course.

A Better Traffic School 1-888-800-7855

Price-$16.95- $47.95 depending on course

One stop traffic school, ticket dismissal and driver improvement both available.

Remove a Ticket 1-877-250-4953

Price-Starting at $16.95

Take the course anywhere you have internet access. Recently Approved for LA

Comedy School for Less Money 1-800-457-3559

Price-$18.99 and up

Laugh your way to a better driving record with Comedy School for Less Money.

Best Online Traffic School 1-877-991-2378


Pass the course or you do not owe a dime!

Cheap Fast Fun Online Traffic School 1-800-838-5844

Price-$18.99 varies by court

Take the test as often as you need at no extra charge.

In and Out Traffic School 1-877-526-1280

Price-$13.99 depending

Start now/pay later and a 100% pass guarantee.

Drive Safe California 1-888-303-7233


Course split into sections with mini quizzes at the end of each.

Rapid Response Traffic School http://www.RapidResponseTrafficSchool 1-877-430-0202

Price-$15.99 depending

Take this easy course with expert assistance available.

Too Lazy for Traffic School 1-800-363-8151

Price-dependent upon county and state of offense

Easy to read and comprehend, no heavy lifting for this course!

Thank Our Troops Traffic School Inc. 1-866-319-6010

Price- Range from $24.95 up

Fix your driving record and donate to charity at the same time.

Moving Violations Internet Traffic School 1-626-962-8469

Price-Start at $18.99

Live support and a 12 second offenders course.

Fast and Stress Free Traffic School- 1-888-470-7881

Price-California- $18.95 Texas-$25.00

Online final exam available where accepted.

Thrifty Traffic School 1-888-884-0582

Price- $14.95 (specific courses may be higher)

All questions multiple choice and simple.

Ticket Toaster 1-800-680-2634


Ticket Toaster is on the California Courts approved list!

SoCal Traffic School 1-888-551-9302


If you have flash you can take this course on your cell phone.

Off My Record Traffic School 1-877-773-2209

Price-$16.95 before you take the exam

Work at your own pace taking incremental quizzes between sections.

The Ticket Free Zone 1-800-215-2337

Price-$19.90 (one free course awarded per week)

Keep your insurance rates low by taking this convenient online course.

Hello Traffic School 1-888-286-0033

Price-$9.95 special

No more stressing out, easy, convenient and low priced traffic school.

Safe 2 Drive 1-800-763-1297

Price-as low as $9.99

Safe 2 Drive certificates can lower insurance rates, remove points and dismiss tickets.

Easiest Online Traffic School 1-800-965-7491

Prices-Varied by court- $21.95

Free electronic submission to most courts.

Last Minute Traffic School 1-877-203-0275


Last Minute Traffic School is approved for most courts and offers free certificate.

Done Today Traffic School 1-877-698-4666

Price- $24.95

Finish in as little as one day!

Great Comedians Online Traffic School 1-800-285-0359


Laugh and learn with Great Comedians Online Traffic School.

Don’t Pass and Don’t Pay Traffic School 1-800-972-5654

Price-$14.95 (a little over $4 per course hour)

Free live customer support and 24/7 access!

365 Traffic School 1-866-537-4835

Price-Around $4 per course hour

Complete your course online today and enjoy the weekend!

4 Lazy Traffic School 1-800-783-9313

Price-$15.99 depending

Online price matching guarantee.

Cheap School Online 1-800-719-4928


Set your own schedule and enjoy 24/7 available support.

Dummies Traffic School Online 1-877-382-3700


Super simple online course.

Less Stress Online Traffic School 1-888-822-0008


Features new laws and information.

7-7-7 Traffic School 1-866-835-8104

Price-$15.95 depending

You are in control of the learning process, log on and off at your convenience.

Tickets No More Traffic School 1-877-837-5722

Price- low as $13.95

Tickets no more offers a simple solution and fast shipping of your certificate.

Escuela De Traffico 1-800-449-3887

Price-$19.95 depending

English and Spanish courses available.

Radar Traffic School 1-877-255-6555

Price-$19.99 varied

Minimize the impact of your minor moving violation ticket by completing this course.

Internet Traffic School 1-800-574-5643

Price-low as $14.95

Don’t sit in a boring classroom when you can attend Internet Traffic School.

Traffic School Express 1-800-592-0792

Price- As low as $14.95

Free electronic processing and a low price guarantee.

One Day Traffic School 1-877-245-6972

Price- $13.95 depending

All you need is a computer and internet access for One Day Traffic School.

Easy Comedy School 1-800-358-8593


Easy, informative and affordable!

Idiots Traffic School 1-866-944-3468

Price-$9.95- $18.95

Quality traffic school available in more states than any other!

Comedy School 24-7 1-800-253-5678

Price-$19.99 and up

Fast, easy and fun Comedy School 24-7.

7 Days Traffic School 1-877-777-4582

Price-$19.99 depending on state and county

Finish traffic school in under 6 hours!

8 Hour Traffic School 1-866-372-7277

Price- Just over $4 per course hour

Take 16 chapters in 8 hours or less and save points on your license.

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