Flair Bartending:
Keep the customers coming back
and Increase your income

If you have ever seen flair bartending, you will have to admit it is really cool, and I can almost guarantee you that when you went back to that bar or club you looked to see if that bartender was there, this is one of the reasons a bartender will learn how to add flair when serving drinks. Also because it is a lot of fun, but more importantly it increases their popularity and there clientele which translates into higher bartending salaries

If you haven’t seen it you might be wondering what exactly is flaring. Well it is what a bartender will add to enhance his serving of a drink; basically it entertains the guest by spinning bottles and tins, throwing ice into glassware, ect…

There are basically two forms of flairing, working flair and exhibition flairing, everyone starts with the working flair because it is the basics of flairing, and also because our main focus is to add to our loyal clientele and increase our bartending salaries.

Now if you find that you have a knack for it and get really good you can find yourself in a whole different arena, there are actually organized competitions all over the world with brand sponsoring bartenders for their promotions. You can even find groups like the “Pour boys” who travel around to bars and events to perform. This of course is the more extreme of the two and it is very hard to get into because it is so competitive. Don’t fool yourself and think that after a few hours of flipping some bottles that you are going to go out and compete, it takes a lot of time practice and patience to get that good.

Working flair is what you need to concentrate on. There are a lot of videos out there on You Tube that will show you there are even some schools.

Check this one out, it is of a bartender at Harrah’s in Las Vegas. Mine you he is working

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