by Steve
(Northampton, UK)

If you are interested in learning about photography, graphic design, audio or video production then I can thoroughly recommend

This is an online training resource that contains tens of thousands of online, video tutorials. It's a paid subscription to access all of the courses but they also give away lots of free information through their blog.

I'm particularly interested in learning how to use Photoshop and they have some amazing tutorials from some world famous tutors.

Bert Monroy is a digital artist and he has a knack of making difficult concepts simple. He uses Photoshop to produce some stunning works of art. In each of his lessons he explains how to use the various Photoshop tools to produce realistic effects.

Deke McClelland is another excellent teacher. I really like his quirky way of explaining things. He works through everything step by step and gives lots of keyboard shortcuts to help you work efficiently.

Both Bert Monroy and Deke McClelland emphasize that while you may not want to make something exactly like they are demonstrating you can take the techniques and apply them to your own projects. I've been able to use some of these tips to make interesting effects and graphics in my version of Photoshop.

I find that the best way of keeping up with the courses at is to subscribe to the blog. You get a message that there's a new video available and you can either read the blog, watch the teaser video or sign in and see the full course.

There's a lot of very helpful courses that cover things like HTML and CSS code too. I've picked up some very useful ideas that I have been able to apply to my websites.

I don't currently have a subscription but I am saving up to get the annual one. There is a monthly subscription too but if you can manage it then the annual one works out a little cheaper. is highly recommended as a one-stop solution for your online learning needs.

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