Online Art Schools: Arizona State University

Programs of Study: Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies

Admission requirments:

Students must be high school graduates.

Students must meet one of the following aptitude requirements:

3.0 GPA in competency courses (2.5 - 2.99 considered)

Top 25% (top 26-50% considered)

ACT 22 (24 nonresidents)*

SAT Reasoning 1040 (1110 nonresidents)* *ASU does not require the writing portion of these tests.

Admission may be granted with one deficiency in no more than two competency areas. Deficiencies in both math and laboratory science are not acceptable. Students must earn a minimum 2.0 in any subject area. Most competencies may also be met by test scores or college courses

This tutition is based on non-resident cost, I have a call into the University for the cost for online courses (typically the cost are equal to non-resident)

Per credit $774 credits needed 120 total cost $92,880

There is $97 (misc fees) per course


Higher Learning Commission, a Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

ASU online is a very good school. It basically offers you a way to get a good education at a traditional institution using new technology. This is not a program that you can breeze through. Due to its accreditation the credits you earn here will transfer to graduate programs at other traditional Universities.

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