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This online bartending schools course has good graphics and videos that are very clear and easy to understand. Also the productions of the videos are of good quality. The content these videos to me goes by fast and are not that detailed but because it is a video you can just watch it again and take notes.

This site allows you 24/7 access for a life time which is really cool. You can continually build your skills and reference some of the recipes for as long as you see fit. This I believe is a huge advantage over the brick and mortar schools.

The only draw back of this course and for all online courses is the lack of hands on experience. This you will most likely solve by getting a job as a bar back (bar assistant) server or even porter, so that you can get your foot in the door and eventually work your way up by picking up a little here and there until your skills are good enough to bartend full time.

This site has physical locations as well located throughout the country as well.


Online Bartending Course $74.99

*Mixing kit $38.95

*Bar Simulation Download $14.95

*Practice Flair Bottle $24.95

*Flash Cards $14.95

*Simply Shooters Book $12.95

*Successful Beverage Mgmt $49.95

Shipping and Handling $7.95

(If you purchase 3 add items along with online course you get a $10.00 discount)

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