Online Bartending Schools:
A new and fun career awaits you

Online Bartending Schools:

Have you ever been at a bar or in a nightclub and watched your bartender mix your dink and thought to your self that job looks so cool and fun I wonder how you become one. I did and I actually went and learned how to bartend and then got a job working at a club because of it, and worked in the industry for about two years.

The course was rather short (two weeks) and I could only go from 8am-4pm Monday thru Friday so even though it was inconvenient (I was working at another job) and was kind of expensive it was still worth it.

But now with the many online bartending schools it is so easy and inexpensive to get the basic knowledge that you need to start your way down the path to enjoying a new and career In bartending

A lot of these online bartending schools also have the traditional brick and mortar (free standing buildings) schools that you can also go to.

With the economy the way it is today this also is a great way to earn a few extra bucks on the side.

How Much does a Bartending School cost ask

One of the biggest questions is always about; Bartending School cost, for online bartending schools it is a whole lot cheaper than the traditional free standing building schools. They typically run in the range of $50-$200. While the brick and mortar schools tend to be around $200-$500. This is a considerable gap of money between Bartending school cost.

But remember, a bar or club manager really doesn’t care about were or if you went to school. What they care about is whether or not you can tend bar. Experience goes a long way.

For that reason a lot of people will say not to go to a bartending school. The common advice is to get a job as a server/bar back and work your way up. This is good advice and that is how I started (as a bar back). I will tell you this though, I became a bartender a lot faster than the other guys who worked with me (some of them had been a bar back for years). I believe it is because I did go to a school and learned the basics of mixing drinks.

I will tell you a quick story; I was working as a bar back at a popular club down in South Florida. It was college night and the place was packed. The bartenders were slammed and short staffed. There was (3) bartenders and (2) backs working the main bar on the floor (typically this bar get (5) bartenders) and people were getting upset because they couldn’t get there drinks. The Bar manager walked behind the bar and asked me and the other bar back if either of us felt that we can mix drinks. I told him that I went to school and knew the basic drinks while the other said he knew a little also. He quickly asked us about some basic recipes and I knew them all. He then said Dave your going to bartend tonight. That is how I became a bartender (after only one months as a bar back). By the way bar backs make pretty good money too, depending on the club. I made on average $150 a night.

So what I am saying is why not learn it today, what ever you spend on the enrollment and starter kits you will make back anyway just put in the time and you will be glad you did.

Here are a couple of schools that will help pave the way for
bartending employment

Bartending College Online
This is one of the better schools out there check it out

Bartending Online
This program gives you great graphics and some interesting tools that try and give you a little hands on experience.

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