Online Law Schools: Steps to becoming a lawyer in CA.

The first is, of course, to finish the necessary pre legal education. You can do this by completing the necessary schooling by achieving a bachelor's degree as well as completing the required additional education. In California the minimum is two years, or sixty semester credits, of college and a passing GPA. You may also pass a subject matter exam with scores that are acceptable to the Committee in lieu of attending the extra schooling.

Next the student will need to complete the required schooling. The California bar can only be taken if the student has completed at least eight hundred sixty four hours of prep and study per year at a school that is registered with the Committee. While California does not accredit the online law schools, they do allow them to register with the Committee if they meet the necessary requirements.

Once these steps are achieved, the next step is to register as a law student. Students may complete their registration online at the office of admissions for the State Bar of California. Once this is complete you must pass the four hour test that will cover all of the basics such as criminal law, torts, and basic contracts. The testing is given June and again in October.

The next required step can be very time consuming. The student will have to be determined to have good moral character by the Committee. This means submitting fingerprints and allowing them to delve into your schooling and your references. They will look for any infractions in the students criminal and driving records. Get a head start on this process if you can as it can take several months to complete.

Three times a year, the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam will be given. It take about two hours to complete and will test the applicant on their understanding of contempt, privilege, representation and other related topics. Once this is complete you can move on to the Bar exam. You can take this exam during February and July each year and it is spanned over a period of three days.

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