Some advise from the Guru about online schools that YOU NEED TO FOLLOW!!!! Read this whole page (especially the examples).

Be honest with yourself, and use common sense!

It sounds so easy but so many prospective online schools students fail to do this.

1. Get an education not for the piece of paper but because you plan to build on it with experience (there is a reason you have heard this many times before…because it is true).

2. Find out the estimated cost to attend from start to finish and then do some research on the average starting salary. After that see what the average salary is for some one with 1-2 years, 2-5years and 5-10years of experience. Compare that to your estimated cost and make sure that you get your proper return on your educational investment.

Example: A four year culinary degree from a popular academy has any estimated cost of roughly 70,000 (paid for by loans with interest and a little by grants if you qualified). The average starting income for a person with less than a year of experience is 32,000. After 2 years it is 36,000, 2-5 years it is between 36,000-42-000. It is obvious this is not a good investment, but you will find thousands of students enrolled at this school. For one reason or another. The most likely is they think because the school is recognized (many for advertising on TV mind you) it is some how more prestigious. If you are looking for this then maybe this is for you. For me it is about providing a comfortable living for my family.

Second example: Now at a local vocational school for the same culinary type program the cost is roughly 4,500 and they will teach everything the other school will (the more expensive school will say different because you don’t know any better). Taking into account the above mentioned salary averages this now becomes a good investment. But guess what less student take this route. Why? I will tell you, it goes back to the bullet point above, they are getting the education for the paper and the title and they are not using common sense with the way they are investing there money. They want to say they went to “The So and So Academy of Culinary Arts” instead of “South County Vo-tech”. It sounds better. The same basics were learn but you will pay a 65,000 dollar premium for the name

I use the culinary example even though I am talking about online schools because it makes a great point and one that you are definitely going to encounter in your search for online schools. Every website you go to including this one will have advertising for certain schools who will fall into the first example above, and even though it might sound great to have this written on your resume it will not be worth it. Don’t take the short cuts remember we are trying to improve our lives by getting a quality education we can build on we are not trying to amassing a mountain of debt. If you are looking at online schools as a golden ticket you will be disappointed, it is only one of the tools that will assist you. The others are hard work and experience.

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