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5 Common Misconceptions of Online Schooling

Top Five Misconceptions People Have about Online schools

There was a time when employers preferred job applicants with the traditional college diploma over those who had distance learning diplomas. This misconception is still around but a growing number of employers are realizing that graduates of distance learning courses are as good as graduates of traditional college courses and even better.

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No. 1 -- Distance learning is not as good as traditional learning. This is the biggest misconception people have about distance learning. If you go into a traditional college classroom, there is the teacher guiding the students as they take up the day's lesson for an hour.
If you observe a distance learning student, you will see no teacher guide. Instead the student goes over the lessons, does some research, and make notes - all by himself. He or she is able to understand the lesson through his own investigation and probing. This points out that the distance learner has great reading comprehension skill and has an inquisitive mind - attributes of a diligent student.

No. 2 -- Employers are wary of distance learning diplomas. This is an enlightened age and technology which made it possible for everyone with the interest to complete a college course or post grad studies through distance learning. Accredited schools offer distance learning. A distance learning diploma from UCLA is worth the traditional diploma from the same school because the same courses are offered..

No. 3 -- Distance learning credits is not credited or transferable. If the distance learning school is accredited by a regional agency recognized by the educational system, the credits will be accepted by traditional colleges and universities. Distance learning students who are going to switch distance learning schools or going to a regular college/university can easily make it without wasting their credits earned..

No. 4 - Traditional colleges/universities offer better education. This is a fallacy. Distance learning schools also offer the same quality education. If UCLA offers learning distance education, would it lower quality because of the mode of education? Certainly not. UCLA and other universities have a reputation to keep. However, beware of sites offering distance learning. Check them out with an accredited regional agency or make inquiries at the Department of Education..

No. 5 - Distance learning is a breeze. For your information and guidance, distance learning is just as rigid as traditional schools. There are books to read, papers to write, and exams to ace. The program follows a timeframe and if you want to graduate in four year's time. The good thing though about distance learning is the flexibility it offers to students. As a student, you can learn at your own pace - which is a convenience if you are currently employed..

Some online schools are harder than others but that is your choice. When choosing an online school, check it out and browse over the curriculum for a particular course you want. Avoid scams by reviewing the online school's records and visiting its office. Better still, check the school's credentials and performance at the Department of Education in your area.

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