Online Traffic Schools: Go to traffic school online (1-888-329-7069 )

This online traffic schools courses are widely accepted.

It has a cool feature that allows you to stop and start the course so you can REALY do it in you spare time. It has a type of tracking system that saves your place in the curriculum and you can access it 24/7

If you don’t feel like reading it also has a feature that will read it to you. So with the videos and other graphics and animation this course sure will be hang out in a class room with a bunch of strangers for a couple of hours

Their courses are offered in; Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean and they are working on courses in; Russian, Farsi and Tagalog

After each chapter you take a quiz and when you are done you have to pass a final exam. When you pass the final you will receive a confirmation via e-mail of you completion, they will also send you a certificate in the mail.

The cost for there courses vary per state but in my research it seems to be offered as low as 13.50 -49.50 (Ca.-Fla.)

They do have a 100% refund policy, you can register and take the class without paying and if at the end you weren’t satisfied you don’t have to pay (of course if you don’t pay you won’t receive your certificate)

You can go to their website and ask for the prices for the state and county you’re in by chat

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