Online Traffic Schools;
The great alternative to traditional traffic schools

Here are a couple of interesting facts before we get into our discussion of online traffic schools:

  • It is estimated that over 100,000 citations for speeding are written daily in the United States (roughly 41 million per year)
  • 1 Out of 7 drivers will be lucky enough to receive a speeding citation
  • The average fine for speeding is between $150-$250
  • Insurance premiums on average for one speeding citation over a 3 year period is roughly $950

Of course there are variables involved depending on what state you are in but all in all they are pretty eye opening.

Now pretty much every state in the United States will allow you to attend a traffic school whether it is a 4, 8 or 12 hour course. Attending these courses normally help in avoiding points from be put onto our driving records. A lot of people will choose to elect traffic schools even if they believe and have strong evidence that they were innocent of the offense. It is easier and less expensive than fighting it out in court.

One of the biggest draw backs with attending a traditional traffic school is that they are very boring, they take up the majority of your day, and they normally when it comes to you schedule they are inconvenient.

Online Traffic Schools to the Rescue!!!

Lucky for us a lot of states also accept online traffic schools. These courses are a lot more inexpensive and are very convenient. They offer everything that the traditional schools do but you can complete it at your on pace whether that is a work on a break or at lunch time it is up to you.

They are plenty of schools on the net; from comedic to interactive you will find something that suits you.

Be carful though when selecting a course, make sure you have contacted the municipality were you received the ticket as soon as possible and make sure that the program is approved by them. Normally they will have a list of approved schools: traditional and online.

Here are a few that are widely accepted with a free link to them…go head click them it will take you to a brief summary of what I know about the school and then an actual link directly to the school.

Go to Traffic School :This school offers multiple programs and uses some pretty cool technology. Well worth checking out.

The On-line Traffic School :On of the original online schools, this site is for California residents. Approved by Ca. courts in 53 counties

The Improve Traffic Schools :One of the more entertainig schools out there

Traffic Schools: State Specific

Florida online traffic schools A list of approved online schools for Florida along with geneal information for citations recieved in the State of Florida

Arizona Online Traffic Schools: Information on approved schools and option when you receive a citation in the State of Arizona

Coming soon!!!!! California

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